NOW ON VIEW | Sept. 5 - October 28, 2018

Bethani Wells | Midwest of Us


Bethani Wells (United States, 1995) recieved a B.F.A. in painting from Savannah College of Art and Design in the spring of 2017. She has exhibited her work in Savannah, GA as well as internationally in the Dominican Republic and Lacoste, France.

Installation by local artist, Bethani Wells, explores the symbiotic relationship between nature and synthetic materiality. Using a contrast of materials such as dirt, plastic and video projection Wells portrays them as a metaphor for the dual natures that coactively dwell in us in mutually beneficial ways and make up who we are. Synthetic material represents corruptive, sinful nature and natural material represents untainted, spiritual nature. Together, they are a reflection of our humanity and the beauty of our ephemeral quality. 

Her abstract paintings, made with mixed media, including dirt, also speak to our ephemeral human nature as they evolve, fall apart, and have a life and spirit of their own.