NOW ON VIEW | Dec. 7 - December 28, 2018

Zach Armijo | No End Point

Zach Armijo (United States, 1987) received a B.F.A in painting from Metropolitan State University of Denver 2018. He currently works and resides in Denver, Colorado.

No End Point

My journey began with a DNA test. My DNA results showed that my background is mainly of Hispanic and Native American blood. The conformation led me to analyze the history of Native and Hispanic culture conceived by a westernized eye. No End Point stimulates conversation about individual characteristics that do not match the preconceived notions associated with ethnicity implemented within contemporary culture.

My series of paintings and screenprint’ s utilizes hybridity and appropriation as a visual symbol to signify a transformation from historical assumptions associated with ethnic individuals. As well as, redefine the symbols, signs and dialogue about my culture. Reassembling appropriated cartoon characters from my childhood allows me to receive back the power of being defined by westernized notions, while using portraits of my friend to recontextualize the ideals of appropriating culture.

I had decided to ask my friends for help and if they would let me take photos of them and their children. Within the process of creating the work. My friend Luke was murdered September 28th, 2018 while working his security guard shift in Downtown Denver. This event has impacted me greatly, as Luke was one of my closest friends.

As a commemoration to my best friend Luke, who was the definition of an individual of various culture backgrounds denying preconceived notions. A man amongst a new generation of males denying westernized concepts of ethnic men. A supporter and provider for his child, a male figure that appreciated and respected females and a person willing to put others before himself. Luke’s legacy will never have an ending point, for his life will live on through actions he left upon everyone he was in contact with.